Highs and Lows of Friday Night SmackDown: John Morrison, Robert Roode, Mandy and Otis and more

Posted on 17 January 2020
By Khyle Deen
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The 10/1/20 edition of SmackDown kicks off with Miz TV, Miz talks about how people have said that he changed last week.

Miz mentions that he simply had a bad day, didn’t feel like smiling, which was the reason behind him attacking Kofi. Miz says that his temper got the better of him and apologises to Kofi. He says that The Fiend put him through a lot, that he failed to beat him and that the only good thing in his week was that his good friends, and guest tonight, John Morrison was there.

Morrison makes his way to the ring, he gets welcome back chants. Miz puts his good mate over, showing off a John Morrison highlight package. Morrison says that WWE filmed a WWE Chronicle for his return, and that he saw what Miz was going through and needed to be there for him. Morrison says that he’s disappointed in the fans, that after years of hard work, the fans don’t get it, the fans fail to understand everything that Miz does.

New Day arrives and Kofi asks Miz who he’s trying to fool. Big E says that he doesn’t accept his apology and says he’s a bad actor. Kofi says he’d have respected Miz if he’d simply said he was having a bad day. Miz says that he respects that Kofi was WWE Champion for 6 months, he said he respects that it took him 6 seconds to lose the Title and still smile. Miz then brings up Kofi not going back after the Title. Kofi corrects Miz, saying that it was actually 8 seconds, and says that the people are right when they say that Miz sucks. – This segment overall gets a high, decent mic work from all involved, great to see John Morrison back too.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz is the first match of the night. It’s a good one, Morrison hits a highlight reel worthy parkour move on Big E during, which is pretty nice to watch, the finish saw Miz pick up the win with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Up next, it’s a visit to the Firefly Funhouse. Bray says he loves all of us and that love is special. But the Fiend doesn’t love Daniel Bryan, because he’s been naughty. He says that Bryan is in trouble at the Rumble. The Fiend wants to hurt you now. “I love you… not you Daniel.” – Great work as always from Bray and the Firefly Funhouse

We then see Mandy & Sonya talk as Mandy prepares for her match. Mandy says she has to take care of something before her match, and grabs a cake, presumably for Otis.

Elias arrives and it’s song time. He sings about the Rumble, running down the field and proclaims he will win it. – As sad as it is to do this, this is a low, Elias is usually a big highlight of any show, but this song was a bit shit, and not to the usual Elias standard…

Heavy Machinery are seen backstage talking, Mandy Rose arrives. Rose gives Otis a cake that she made him, and it says “I’m sorry.” A page from the Marie Barone book here from Mandy.

Alexa Bliss vs. Mandy Rose is next. Nikki & Sonya are at ringside. It was a really solid match, the finish saw Otis arrive, enjoying his cake and a fun dance at seeing Mandy. Mandy cradles Alexa for the win. The distraction finish wasn’t the best, but it worked for what it was with Otis being his usual lovable self. It’s a high.

Lacey Evans is in the ring for her match with Sasha Banks. We see Bayley on the screen, the SmackDown Women’s Champion says Banks isn’t here tonight because she’s finishing her rap album in LA. Lacey says Banks is too busy while Lacey is always ready to fight.

Lacey challenges Bayley to take Banks’ place, and to put the title on the line. Bayley turns down the offer, and Lacey heads backstage. Bayley attacks Evans and they brawl as Bayley beats her down and tells her to go home and put on her mom jeans. Lacey fights back before they then get separated. – Another high, excellent segment that furthered the story pretty good.

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage. Bryan mentions that the Fiend wants a lot of things, and Bryan remembers it all, especially outsmarting him. He did change as well, but for the better and is now more dangerous than ever before.

Bryan says that The Fiend can be hurt and will be beat, by him at the Rumble. Ramblin’ Rabbit appears on the screen and says that he knows a secret to beating the Fiend… Bray stops him before he can share the info, telling Bryan to let him in. – Great work as always from Bryan and Wyatt. Beautifully building to their Royal Rumble match.

IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Braun Strowman is the next match, Sami & Cesaro are at ringside. A fairly boring match, the usual stuff, Strowman picking up the win with a powerslam. – Not the biggest fan of seeing the contender pin the Champion… it’s a low.

We see Sheamus cut a promo on Chad Gable, Sheamus promises change on Smackdown. Gable represents what’s wrong with Smackdown, the fact that he’s small and needs exterminating. Sheamus says that he will prove that size matters and that he will embrace chaos.

Backstage, we see Daniel Bryan, he finds a gift in the locker room. It’s the corpse of Ramblin’ Rabbit. Funny, creepy stuff here, works so well. Another high.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Reigns says that 2019 was rough, he’s been outnumbered and embarrassed many times. He’s always had backup, and that this time, he has the backup from family. His family helped him last week and 2020 will be his year. Roman says that he will win the Rumble, main event WrestleMania and do it all with his family, The Usos at his side. The Usos show up and bring up how they’re glad to be back, the promise to turn Friday Night SmackDowninto Friday Night Lockdown.

The Usos say that it’s been rough being on the sidelines, watching the big dog defend himself against queen Corbin and her kingdom. They say that Corbin and co disrespected Reigns, and that means he disrespected the whole family.

Corbin & Dolph arrive and run down Reigns for being afraid of him. Corbin vows to win the Rumble and Reigns says he’d love to beat his ass twice in one night, challenging him to a match at the Rumble. Corbin accepts and promises to take out the big dog’s bitches tonight. The Usos dive to the outside on Dolph and Corbin.

The Usos vs. King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler: It’s a pretty good back and forth match, the ending though, sees Reigns spear Corbin on the outisde, for the DQ finish.

After the match, Robert Roode returns as the Big Dog is being beaten down. The Usos are laid out by Corbin’s kingdom, Robert Roode hits a spinebuster to Reigns on the announce table, but the table doesn’t break. Dolph basically improvises smartly, elbow dropping Reigns through the table, the Kingdom stands tall, with them all burying Reigns under the announce table, a nice little callback to how Reigns attacked Roode during his last appearance, you know… to write him out while he served his wellness suspension…. A high to end the show, always boss to see the Glorious One back, it continues the angle too, top stuff to close out the broadcast.

Highs – 5

Lows – 2