Gogglebox ends series with Bafta win and Silent Jay steals the show

Posted on 27 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Gogglebox latest series finished with all the families celebrating their Bafta win and Silent Jay’s beautifully emotive acceptance speech.

Gogglebox is a programme on Channel 4 where several families from around the country settle down to watch TV together and give their opinions on different programmes.

Some of the families include Steph and Dom from Kent who get a little merry every week and end up in fits of giggles and Ralph and Viv who live with their daughter Eve and of course, the star of the show, her boyfriend Jay.

Or, ‘Silent’ Jay as the internet community have come to know him.

Throughout all the series of Gogglebox, Jay has not spoken once and often when the Woerdenweber family come onto our screens, we lose any focus in what the family say and focus our attention on Jay, waiting for him to speak… or even blink.

We all freeze in happiness when he occasionally swishes his hair out of his face.

Channel 4 are aware that Jay has become one of the main attractions of the programme and obviously played on this fact when it came to the last episode.

It was an adorable way for the episode to end, with all of the families watching the Bafta awards in suspense to see if they had won. Unsurprisingly they did and all of the families erupted into celebration.

When the rest of the Woerdenweber family leaves the sitting room, Jay is left on the couch and we all waited with baited breath for his final and first words.

After looking round the room awkwardly he scoots off the couch and off our screens. Disappointment.

If he returns for the next series, we will be sure to keep our eyes and ears peeled for any noise he may make.