Game of Thrones fans react to shocking new episode

Posted on 3 June 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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There is no doubt in that last nights episode of Game of Thrones is one of the goriest ones to date.

Unless you have read the books, last nights happenings will have shocked and stunned.

If you haven’t already watched it yet, you might want to have a pillow handy to hold over your eyes as it does get quite gory. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted.


The scene shows the battle between The Red Viper and The Mountain That Rides and ends in the death of a character that many fans have become attached to over the course of season 4.

The Red Viper, Oberyn is fighting for revenge for his older sister Elia who was raped and murdered by The Mountain.

While The Mountain lies seemingly dead, Oberyn turns to say a few words about his revenge but shockingly The Mountain pulls Oberyn to the ground, confesses to the crimes and kills Oberyn by gauging his eyes out with his thumbs.

The episode came after the makers of Game of Thrones chose to give viewers a weeks break from the constant dramas and shocks and with this new episode, it’s probably left fans thankful for the chance to build themselves up again.

The director, Alex Graves should be proud as the script for this episode has already been named the best script so far of the show and left Twitter ablaze with fans tweeting their shock and horror.
Adam Stainsby said ‘Somebody pick my jaw up off the floor #GameOfThrones’ and johnwarrender simply said ‘I am unhappy. #GameOfThrones’

If you’ve watched the dramatic scene and would like to see how others reacted, a video has been released of fans reaction to the scene and it’s definitely a mixed bunch.

From a group covering their eyes and peeking through their fingers, to a group screaming and cheering, obviously enjoying the violence.

The video is just over two minutes long and there is a lot of gaping mouths, mouth coverings and even some tears as the scene progresses.

After the episode was aired, Pedro Pascal uploaded a picture of himself and ‘The Mountain’ with the simple caption ‘Buds.’ which is quite a sweet answer to the gore of the episode. It feels like a reassurance that it’s just a TV show and that they’re actually friends off set. Not to worry.

You can watch the video here to view some reactions of the gory scene.