Doctor Who Ascension of the Cybermen Review – Jam Packed Full Of Setup

Posted on 24 February 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Finally reaching the penultimate episode of the season, Ascension of the Cybermen has left fans with more questions than answers.

Flitting between The Doctor and Fam attempting to escape, and simultaneously save other humans, from the Cybermen, to a couple who find a baby and raise him as his own, this episode is as tense as it sounds.

As one set of characters fight against flying Cybermen heads, and a Cybermen that makes other Cybermen scream, the baby grows up to become Brendan, part of the garda (police).

Brendan has bought up many questions amongst fans with his apparent inability to die, an intriguing similarity to Jack, only for him to age while his father doesn’t.

Theres sure to be a big reveal for this new character next week. Could he be the Timeless child? A Time Lord? A Gallifreyan?

Outside of Brendan, The Doctor is once again split from the majority of the Fam, though at least she has Ryan this time.

A highlight of the episode is Yaz taking charge of the small group her and Graham end up with. Between the two of them, they’ve clearly learnt from The Doctor. They may have cut it close a couple of times, but they made it through! For now at least….

Ko Sharmus was at first reminiscent of the ‘Utopia’ we heard of back in John Simms run as the Master, but turned out to be just a man, play by Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney.

He’s the self-imposed guardian of the ‘Boundary’, a sci-fi beauty that stretches out in front of them on the beach, which all the other human survivors have already gone though.

Obviously though, this is Doctor Who, and nothing can remain simple forever.

First the boundary changes, showing them the destroyed remains of Gallifrey, then none other than The Master tumbles out.

Although his manic cackling is fantastically creepy, and exactly what The Master needs following Missy, it does essentially leave us with the same ‘everything you know is a lie’ cliff hanger of Spyfall.

Surely The Doctor knows at least a little more than she did in the season opener?

Thats where we’re left, The Lone Cyberman has been given what he wants, Gallifrey is some how on the other side of the ‘boundary’, The Master is back, and Yaz and Graham may or may not be on the brink of being deleted.

One hell of a set up for the finale!