Doctor Who 50th anniversary – Tom Baker recalls why he was so good as The Doctor

Posted on 21 November 2013
By Pierce King
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Doctor Who legend Tom Baker has been remembering his time in the TARDIS ahead of the show’s 50th anniversary and says playing the Timelord was no challenge because of his religion.

Tom, 79, says his strict Catholic upbringing in Liverpool and the years he spent as a trainee monk stood him in good stead to play an alien and deal with miracles and people coming back from the dead.

Tom, who played the fourth generation of The Doctor with his iconic and impossibly long scarf between 1974 and 1981 has confirmed that he will appear in the special 50th anniversary episode.

For children who grew up in the 70s – Tom is the definitive Doctor – and took the BBC drama to new heights and made what many Whovians consider the best storyline: Genesis of the Daleks.

Tom said: “I was brought up in an intensely Roman Catholic background in Liverpool so I was used to miracles and angels on shoulders and people coming back from the dead.

“Playing The Doctor was no effort – as an actor, I didn’t have to reach for that.”