Dexter Season 8 took its toll on actor Micheal C Hall

Posted on 28 November 2013
By James McAllister
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Dexter actor Michael C Hall recently admitted that by the end the mental weight of playing a serial killer took its toll on him.

Hall played Dexter the onscreen psychopath for seven years. During this time the actor had a troubled private life suffering through cancer, falling in love, marrying actress Jennifer Carpenter who played Deb on the show and then divorcing three years later.

Hall also played a pivotal role in convincing revered actors John Lithgow and Charlotte Rampling to join the show when he became a producer after just three seasons.

The actor claims his mental process of inhabiting the mind of a serial killer for six months a year took its strain on him by the final season.

“All of a sudden, it was driving me crazy that I was playing these scenes.It was like I was allowing myself to feel the full weight of what I’d been simulating because it was almost over.”

The actor admits he doesn’t know what to expect after Dexter, but he has had the opportunity to cleanse his experiences as a serial killer with an independent Jim Mickle film called Cold In July.

The film is about a small-town Texan who kills a burglar in self-defence and is left to deal with the consequences.

The actor has admitted to using the film as “a way to visit murder from a more everyday perspective.”