Derek Series 2 – Ricky Gervais says new shows are all about girl power and ordinary people

Posted on 15 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Ricky Gervais describes sitcom Derek is a turning point in his career, focusing on ordinary people and the influence of girl power.

Derek revolves around a 50 year old man, who works in a care home, dealing with learning difficulties.

The programme pulled on the heartstrings of many with it’s first season back in 2012 when it was shown on Channel 4.

But The Office star Ricky Gervais confesses that Derek was a character that was originally created for stand up purposes, soon he realised that the character could amount to much more than that and could serve a better purpose.

The tongue in cheek comic has had many successful series that focus on larger than life characters and larger than life themes, such as Extras which focuses on budding actors hoping to break into the industry and The Office which revolves around a paper company.

But the star felt he wanted to take his career in a different direction and focus on a different world.

“I wanted to go back to ordinary people, I always try to do the ordinary made extraordinary.”

Derek’s first series proved that it was a hard hitting sitcom, which is extremely rare on TV. It dealt with problems such as domestic violence, in one episode care worker Hannah fights back against a patient’s violent boyfriend.

Muppets Most Wanted star Ricky also explained that he wanted women to take strong roles within the programme.

A few female members of his family, including his mother worked in a care home which was a big influence on him when it came to creating the characters.

“Growing up, my female role models were strong. I wanted to show that Hannah was really caring and honest and lovely and she would batter you. I like real girl power.”

The second series of Derek will premiere on Channel 4 on April 23rd.