Constantine cancelled by NBC: could it be saved and moved to a new network, like Netflix?

Posted on 22 May 2015
By Aubrey Reynolds
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Fans of Constantine will know him as the sort of Scouse (but not quite Scouse enough) chain-smoking demon hunter, who has been snatched from TV sets without being allowed to find his full potential.

We enjoyed the first series, it had some really effective moments; Matt Ryan made an engaging anti-hero.

Harold Perrineau was his usually reliable self in the literal role of Constantine’s guardian angel and Showrunner Daniel Cerone had crafted a good first 13 episodes leading to a life or death effective cliffhanger, which may never be rounded off.

But as with their comic counterparts, dead is not always dead and Constantine fans can live in hope.

Apparently a rescue from the shows original network’s (NBC) sister channel Syfy is in the works.

Whilst it’s not unique for shows to switch networks, with notable shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB to UPN), Cougar Town (ABC to TBS), Futurama (FOX to Comedy Central) and Scrubs (NBC to ABC) all making the move across channels, they were all a lot more established than Constantine and it’s solo season currently is.

Another likely escape for the supernatural drama is that it may be picked up a la Arrested Development or Community by a VOD or streaming service (Netflix and Yahoo! Respectively).

The show has a small but very vocal number of fans on social media all clambering to help in it’s resurrection, so their may even be the possibility of a Chuck style Subway sandwich purchasing marathon.

Celebrity fan Stephen Ammell of Arrow fame has even offered to appear should it be picked up for a second season, tweeting: “Hey TV Networks / Netflix and the like… If you pick up the show, I’ll guest star. Can’t wait. Constantine & Queen want to get shit done. Let’s make it happen.”

A move of channel may also help to address some of the issues with the first series; sort of occupying a limbo where it wasn’t quite family friendly enough to attract The Flash’s audience.

But also held by US censorship and Network restrictions, so that it couldn’t quite cut loose enough with the language and gore to compete with the pay cable shows The Walking Dead and Penny Dreadful.

Here’s hoping that Constantine moves to a channel that allows it to fully explore some of the darker comic book arcs.

With stories from the crazy minds of some of comics’ best writers including Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and Brian Azzarello there are a lot of dark and thought provoking stories rife for adaptation that could really make this show stand out from the other Comic book TV shows currently on air.

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