Cardinal Burns Series 2 kicks off with brand new sketch

Posted on 26 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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The hilariously charming comedy show Cardinal Burns returns to our screens, releasing a full sketch in the run up to the premier of the second series next week.

Cardinal Burns is a multi award winning comedy sketch show created by Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns in which they play a series of hilarious characters.

The new sketch, which has been released by Channel 4, features two drunken business men who stumble upon a group of young people performing tricks with a skipping rope.

They soon join in, showing off a surprisingly impressive set of skills of their own.

The team behind the show have been coming up with some brand new characters for the second series.

These characters include Hashtag and Bukake, two turkish mini cab drivers, Curtis the Jheri-curled rapper from the 80s and Bert and Moon, two festival stewards with cruel intentions.

Although there are lots of new characters to look forward to, you can also look forward to seeing some familiar faces including Banksy, Office Flirts and Young Dreams.

The show, which was originally aired on e4, will now be moving to channel 4, which is an exciting move for the team.

Phil Clarke, Head of Comedy for Channel 4 said: “I’m delighted to see Cardinal Burns transfer from E4 onto C4, not least because the show has already won a host of awards and award nominations including wins at The British Comedy Awards, The Broadcast Awards and LAFTA as well as a BAFTA nomination. The move to Ch 4 illustrates our commitment to develop talent, and reflects one of our key objectives; to continue to push the boat out with unique and original comedy.”

The new series starts next Wednesday, 30th of April at 10.30pm but for now you can watch the sketch here.