Breaking Bad: Ten things you didn’t know

Posted on 8 November 2013
By Craig Kell
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The last five weeks have been pretty tough-going for Breaking Bad fans ever since the great Walter White departed from our screens.

The show was like crack cocaine for its devoted fan base and people just can’t stop talking about it.

Purple Revolver have decided to try and appease your Breaking Bad withdrawal symptoms by giving you ten facts you didn’t know about the legendary show.

1. Several Breaking Bad actors have appeared in Seinfeld

From one classic programme to another, some Breaking Bad actors made an early impression on TV with their stints on hit sitcom Seinfeld.

Bryan Cranston made a few guest appearances as dentist Tom Whatley while Anna Gunn (Skylar), Bob Odenkirk (Saul) and Jessica Hecht (Gretchen) also appeared.

2. Bryan Cranston was only third choice to play Walter White

Believe it or not, Walt White could have been played by Ferris Bueller! Sony and AMC were initially reluctant to cast Bryan Cranston because of his comedy role as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle and had originally considered both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick.

Luckily neither actor wanted the part thus allowing Cranston to be cast.

3. The White home is real

The sublime home of the White family is actually a real property and has been owned by a woman called Fran for the last 40 years.

But the interior of the house is very different from what we see on the show.

4. The crystal blue meth is actually rock candy

The blue meth that Walt and Jesse make sure does look tasty. It is in fact rock candy that has been made with blue food colouring for a more realistic look.

5. Jesse was meant to be killed off in Series One

The plot for Breaking Bad could have been so different had creator Vince Gilligan gone with his idea to kill off co-lead Jesse Pinkman early on.

Originally there was supposed to be more episodes in Series One but because of the 2008 Writer’s strike, it was cut down to just seven. Thankfully Aaron Paul’s strong chemistry with co-star Bryan Cranston impressed Gilligan so much that Jesse’s early departure was shafted.

6. is a real website

The website that Walt Jr creates for his cancer-striken father is actually usable on the internet.

Since it launched in July 2009, more than a million Breaking Bad fans have clicked on the Click Here to Donate button which then takes you to the the National Cancer Coalition’s website.

According to AMC, fans have donated more than $125,000 to the NCC.

7. The pizza toss was done in one take

One of the show’s more humourous moments saw Walter White vent his anger by chucking his large pizza onto the garage roof.

Bryan Cranston performed the toss in just one take – landing it perfectly in the process. Nevertheless, a waste of good food!

8. Wendy the prostitute actress was prepositioned in real life

Two interesting facts about the prostitute character Wendy – Actress Julia Minesci looks very different to her seedier counterpart and is in fact a real-life athlete.

Secondly, Minesci revealed that during filming, she was approached by a van driver who actually believed she was a prostitute and offered her money in exchange for sex.

She laughed off the incident insisting she could “have made an extra twenty dollars.”

9. Walt and Jesse’s cooking flashback in Ozymandias was final Breaking Bad scene to be shot

The devastating Series 5b episode Ozymandias actually begins with a nostalgic flashback to Walt and Jesse’s first cook together.

That scene was the final to be shot on Breaking Bad with the cast and crew celebrating the conclusion of filming in style by getting drunk at a local bar.

That night also saw Bryan Cranston get a tattoo of the show’s logo on his finger!

10. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressed up as each other during Halloween

The love between the stars of Breaking Bad has never been more obvious than that of Messrs Cranston and Paul. Outside the show, both actors have forged a strong bond which has led to humourous appearances at parties.

This classic photo shows the pair dressed up as each other’s respective characters during Halloween, a theme they would repeat again in the future….