Batwoman star Ruby Rose steps down as series lead

Posted on 21 May 2020
By Andrew Siddall
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Ruby Rose, the actress who plays the lead role in the CW Series Batwoman, has stunned fans by announcing her departure after just one season.

Based on the DC Comics character, Batwoman is a TV series that focuses on Kate Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne, as she attempts to overcome her own demons before stepping up to take over as Gotham’s next savior when Batman disappears.

Ruby Rose, best known for her roles in John Wick: Chapter 2 and Orange is the New Black, made her debut as Batwoman in the ‘Arrowverse’ during the 2018 crossover event, Elseworlds, before spinning off into her own series.

According to multiple sources, Ruby Rose was not happy with the gruelling hours required as the series lead, as well as her not acclimating well to life in Vancouver, where most of the production takes place.

This lead to a lot of friction on set. According to a report from TV line, “It was a mutual breakup, and everyone decided it would be in the best interest of the show if they “parted ways”.

Speculation has been running rampant since her departure, with some believing this was due to a serious back injury she sustained doing a stunt back in 2019.

At this current point in time, there has been no official confirmation or statement from Ruby Rose herself about her reasons for leaving.

Recently, the studio, network and Berlanti Productions have said they will be looking for a new lead actress in the coming months.

Multiple actresses have expressed their interest in taking over as the lead, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, and WWE Superstar Sonya Deville.

The series is currently renewed for a second season, with plans for the show to crossover with the upcoming Superman and Lois TV series. But with production delayed due to the pandemic, it is unlikely to start anytime soon.

Batwoman is currently being broadcast on E4.