Zack Snyder Lands a Sucker Punch to his Chances of Superman Reboot

Posted on 30 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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With a strong action flick CV in tow (300, Watchmen) and Sucker Punch readying for her UK release, Director Zack Snyder was handed the reigns of one of Hollywood’s Golden franchises – Superman.

Charged with rebooting the Man of Steel, after Bryan Singer’s disappointing Superman Returns, Snyder has little room for failure. Warner Brothers need a blockbuster in the same vein as Chris Nolan’s Batman films, or it could be the last time we see the red cape on the red carpet.

But with Sucker Punch critically panned after its US release and disappointing opening week numbers, can the Dawn of the Dead man save Superman?

Warner Brothers might be second guessing themselves after seeing what happens when Zack is given free reign over a movie. CNN summed up the film, “Sucker Punch is confusing, and for many people it will be offensive. There is no depth to any of the performers and repeated sexualization of the female leads was distateful.”

WB have brought in Nolan as an overseer to the Superman project, hinting that Snyder will not have complete creative control. The Dark Knight director will guide the storytelling aspect of the film, leaving Snyder to handle the spectacle.

Rumours are still circling the web that in light of Sucker Punch, Zack may be replaced before Superman starts filming. Critic David Poland told MTV News, “Next month would be the moment when Snyder ‘decides to do a more personal project’, if he was given the heave-ho.”

Sucker Punch is released on Friday across the UK

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