Wonder Woman 1984 – New DC FanDome Trailer released online

Posted on 23 August 2020
By Andrew Siddall
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After months of setbacks, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally due for its 2020 release, and we have been treated to a brand new look at the movie from Warner Bros., courtesy of the DC FanDome event.

Many fans have been speculating what the brand new trailer might entail, since the previous one held back on revealing too much. The hope was to get a better idea of the villains, and this trailer more than delivers.

The brand new trailer for the Wonder Woman sequel shows off more of the 80’s setting, Wonder Woman’s new golden Hawkgirl-like costume, and the first proper look at Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah in full-on beast mode.

The Patty Jenkins directed movie stars Gal Gadot (Death on the Nile) in the titular role once again, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, whose mysterious return is seemingly addressed here, and Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) as the villainous Maxwell Lord.

The trailer gratefully holds back on spoilers, but doesn’t hold back on showing the action and adventure that awaits the Amazon Princess, including some new powers, a training sequence on Themyscira with a younger Diana, and what appear to be the first reference to the iconic Invisible Jet.

The movie looks good, and we hope it has been worth the wait.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in cinemas 2nd October 2020.