Will Ferrell basketball movie Daddys Home sees him smash New Orleans Pelicans cheerleader in face with ball (Video)

Posted on 27 January 2015
By Pierce King
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Basketball fans watching an NBA crunch between the LA Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans were treated to a glimpse of Will Ferrell’s new movie and gasped as he drilled a cheerleader in the head with a failed half court shot.

The scene was filmed at halftime with Ferrell’s character launching a basketball at one of the Pelicans cheerleaders, hitting the blonde square in the face before being gripped by the burly security guards and escorted off-court.

You can watch the video here, which seems to show almost the entire scene. Will’s apparently drunk character comes out to take a half-court competition shot, but appears more interested in telling the announcer about his family problems.

Ultimately he takes the shot but drills one of the cheerleaders in the face with the ball before again attempting to sink the basket.

Will and Mark Wahlberg were in action, filming their upcoming movie Daddy’s Home, which marks an onscreen reunion for The Other Guys co-stars Ferrell and Wahlberg.

The movie has been filming in New Orleans since November and is expected to continue shooting in the area through Feb. 3.

In the movie, Ferrell plays a mild-mannered easy-listening-radio executive looking to become a great stepdad to his new wife’s two children, but that gets complicated when their real father, played by Wahlberg, returns to the scene.