Vincent Cassel breaks down Mesrine’s style

Posted on 26 August 2009
By Pierce King
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French superstar Vincent Cassel has given us the low down on stepping in to the shoes and style of notorious gangster Jacques Mesrine.

Having burst on to the international scene in the 1995 film La Haine and then played an obtuse foreigner in Oceans Twelve and Thirteen, he is now found a role which perfectly suits him.

Vincent, 42, says he got to picture himself in every hairstyle imaginable playing Mesrine and the gangster’s early wardrobe was better. But his real sytle icon is Fred Astaire.

He is married to beautiful actress Monica Bellucci, but trying to play up to his hard-earned tough guy persona Vincent insists that she nags him to groom.

Vincent said “I’ve seen myself in almost every hairstyle imaginable.

“I wear a lot of wigs as Jacques Mesrine.

“He’d wear multiple wigs and take them off one at a time to rob three banks in one hour.

“The films span the Fifties through to the Seventies, but even though Mesrine was very well dressed, he looked better in the early years.

“My style icon is Fred Astaire. To me he is the epitome of class.

“I always thought he was so well dressed having a handkerchief that matched his shirt, the peg trousers and the correspondent shoes. Magnificent!

“There is nothing I couldn’t wear or carry off.

“I’m an actor, that’s what I do every day. Dressing up is part of my job.

“But whatever you wear you should always be yourself.

“Never go totally with the fashion, but use what there is to give it an individual twist.

“Also, you should never have more grooming products than your wife. She always wants me to do something with my hair or skin.

“If you push it too far it’s ridiculous. I have a few, but that’s it.”