Video of the day: Somewhere trailer

Posted on 15 June 2010
By Amy Roberts
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The first trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere is trademark of the director’s skill for observational, emotional movies navigated around the relationships of family and dysfunctional dalliances with potential lovers.

Bathed in sumptuous natural light, and featuring sneak peaks of the sort of scenes audiences have familiarised with Coppola’s storytelling – languished bed ridden moments, bonding over musical interactions (the karaoke of Lost In Translation, the records played down the phone between the Lisbon sisters and the boys desperate to make contact with them), the study of a celebrity in decline, and those famously tiresome facial expressions of lead protagonists.

It’s a formula which seems to work for Coppola – and although Marie Antoinette was received with a certain amount of critical vitriol, there’s no denying that it’s formula and style found itself becoming something of a cult hit amongst women appreciative of it’s slacker grandeur.

Somewhere, which tells the tale of a Hollywood superstar in excess who re-evaluates his life after his 11 year old daughter makes a surprise visit, might not hold any surprises, but judging from it’s haunting trailer should satisfy fans of the directors prowess for making powerful statements with minimal story lines.

In short – we’re digging a welcome return from Stephen Dorff, our hearts ba-boomed big time over that shot of father and daughter having an under water tea party, and we’re loving the use of Strokes demo song You Only Live Once being used in the trailer.

Dreamy. We can’t wait.

Somewhere is released in the US December 22.

A UK release date is still to be confirmed.