UK indie film company gearing up for release of new Motown film

Posted on 5 December 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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Indie film production company Ace Film is getting ready to release its latest film Tamla Rose.

After a successful screening in the Marche section at the Cannes Film Festival, the film, which is set in Liverpool will be released in cinemas from 13 December 2013.

It follows the film’s namesake Tamla Rose as she and her friends try to make it as a Motown band, charting their trials and tribulations along the way.

The film is set to a backdrop of completely original Motown soundtrack music recorded especially for the production.

Writer and Director Joe Scott said: “Coming from a music background, the advent of the pop video drew me into film-making. It therefore seemed natural to focus on music driven films.

“My last film First Time Loser was a 60’s music film with a mostly original soundtrack. The idea for Tamla Rose came from a chance meeting with a passionate Northern Soul fan.

“After researching, it became clear that Northern Soul was Motown style music. However, the scene was influenced by DJs not live music.

“By that time I was hooked and decided to go down the Motown route. I asked songwriters Robbie Pollard and Laura Walton to write original songs in the Motown style and I was so impressed with what they came up with that I hired them to compose the score.”

The feel-good film stars relatively unknown actress fashion model and singer Adi Alfa as Tamla Rose. Also in the band is Alexandra Johnston and Tisha Merry who plays Candi Shimm.

Since filming Tamla Rose, Merry has gone on to become series regular Steph Britton in Coronation Street.

The trio star alongside acting veterans Jake Abraham, who viewers will recognise as the hapless burglar Dean from the hit British classic Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Brookside’s Philip Olivier.

Abraham plays the band’s manager Jim with Olivier playing Kyle, an unruly record company executive who takes an interest in the band and whose unruly antics threaten to put the band’s friendship to the test.

With stellar performances all round, the film is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves iconic Motown rhythms.

Tamla Rose is also an inspiring tale of hope and determination sure to strike a chord with anyone thinking of a career in the music business.

The film will be shown at FACT in Liverpool on Tuesday the 17th of December.