Twilight update: Scuffle between Vampman and Wolfboy (VIDEO)

Posted on 20 May 2010
By Toni Garden
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With the release of Eclipse just a matter of weeks away the Twilight marketing machine is in full throttle.

After weeks of speculation and rumours of recasting Summit have announced that Breaking Dawn will feature the entire Cullen klan.

Supporting cast Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene who plays beefcake, Emmett and little sister Alice were said to be asking for more money and finding resistance from Summit.

This lead to rumours of the pair being recast without hesitation after a similar situation happened to Rachelle Lafevre who was recast for the latest flick.

Thankfully speculation has been silenced and Summit have announced that all of the cast will be returning for the final installment in the Saga, Breaking Dawn.

After a significant pay rise the original cast have signed contracts but it is still unclear as to whether Breaking Dawn will follow the trend of big budget films like Harry Potter and split the final film into two parts. Currently the release date for Breaking Dawn is set for November 18, 2011.

A new film clip released that features Bella and Vamp beauty, Rosalie discussing Bella’s decision to turn to the dark side. A significant moment in the book that will hopefully be more than just the forty-two second clip seen here.

And a new trailer sees the usually cool vamp, Edward and the sadly clothed wolf boy, Jacob in a scuffle for Bella’s affection.

The third movie in the franchise is to screen on Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4 before it rolls out in cinemas across the UK on July 9.

UK Twilight fans will be able to make advance bookings for Eclipse from May 21 at midnight until midday Friday for advance screenings

Matt Bellamy’s band, Muse have also released a video for their signiture tune for the film,Neutron Star Collision which includes snippets of unseen footage of star crossed lovers Bella and Edward.