Tron Legacy: Worth the wait

Posted on 2 June 2010
By Toni Garden
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In 1982 Tron hit cinemas blowing every nerd’s mind and introducing audiences to the latest in cinematic technology, giving them a new fantasy for what the future might hold.

Fast forward 26 years, marking the longest wait for a sequel ever and Tron Legacy left a new generation of geeks salivating at a fan expo last year with the release of a new Light Cycle.

The LightTape that gives the new generation light cycle its futuristic fluidity that is used not only cycle but on costumes keeping the design flowing throughout the film. The uninterrupted light adds the perfect super hero effect and updates the design used in the Eighties.

The new generation design has spawned a new host of Tron memorabilia that Purple Revolver knows the kids will go ape for this Christmas, which is coincidentally when the film is set for release.

Doing what they do best Disney have been dropping clues and hints about the new film all year. Daft Punk will be featured heavily on the soundtrack and the full cast list reveals some big names including Jeff Bridges reprising his role, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wild and John Hurt.

If that weren’t enough the fans’ patience was rewarded and Disney released the first full theatrical trailer that hints how good the full length feature will be in 3D and IMAX.

With six more months to wait, here’s hoping it will be worth the wait.

From what we’ve seen so far, we think Tron Legacy will be the future of cinema.