The real life Crazies of cinema

Posted on 30 March 2010
By Toni Garden
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New to the silver screen, The Crazies pays witness to a small backwater town’s rapid descent into insanity – thanks to a virus that takes attacks the regular folks of Ogden Marsh.

With thrills and squeals to be had, The Crazies got Purple Revolver talking about some of the real life crazies that Hollywood has infected.

With that in mind we’ve selected seven special breeds of true (crazy) fans that will go to ridiculous lengths to show their devotion.

The Twilight Saga

True fans… Kick ass for their supernatural dream guy. When their favourite vamp cancelled in 2008. More than 3,000 fans were left disgruntled and turned on each other disputing who was better, Team Edward or Team Jacob. One girl even got her nose busted by an apposing Team Jacob fan. That’ll teach her to question a disappointed Twihard.

Star Trek

True Fans… Know what they are and aren’t afraid to say it. The creator of the original TV series, Gene Roddenberry used the term ‘Trekkie’ at a convention only to be berated from a voice in the audience proclaiming “It’s Trekkers!” Roddenberry countered that he had created the term and therefore Trekkies was correct. The wild fanboy debate goes on…

Star Wars

True Fans… Keep expanding their universe. After some fans got bored of merely writing fan fiction and began making their own short films, George Lucas’s production company Lucasfilm recognised the dedication and effort fans were going to and sponsored the first annual Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. They might also have thought it wise to keep an eye on any copyright and trademark issues that could have been violated in the films or any new ideas George can use for another Star Wars film.

Harry Potter

True Fans… Take their fictional sports very seriously. The 2006 Middlebury Quidditch World Cup (for Muggles only) gained front page notoriety from the Wall Street Journal and featured in the USA Today’s life section. With 14 teams playing the game is changed to suit the non magical folk but still includes the famous beaters, keepers, chasers and seekers.

Lord of the Rings

True fans… Spend, Spend and then spend some more! Grossing just over $2.91 billion at the box office, the trilogy raked in more than the original Star Wars and Godfather trilogies. Perhaps it was partly thanks to a certain fan nicknamed The King who claims to have seen Return of The King 14 times at the flicks. It doesn’t sound like a lot really but if you do the math it’s almost £100 on one film, for one person. He also claims to have watched the trilogy on DVD at least 50 times… That’s dedication.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

True fans… are not afraid to dress the part. Whether it be for a convention, a sing-a-long screening, a theatre performance or house party the fans of Rocky Horror can always be counted on to get their garters and suspenders out (especially the men) and do the time warp again and again and again.

The Big Lebowski

True fans…. will quote their favourite lines and not even death will stop them. “Saying Bill Whitbeck is a fan of The Big Lebowski is like saying the Pope is a little bit Catholic.” A description of Bill Whitbeck, a man so obsessed with The Dude that he plans on working Walter Sobchak’s eulogy for Donny into his own funeral and having it delivered by a John Goodman look-a-like. Confusing for Bill’s family, but hey he’s got the blessing of an official Dudeist priest so he knows what he’s doing.

Geek notes

To become an officially ordained Dudeist priest or even just check out the Dudes’ Paper head to

Trekkie/Trekker Trivia made by The USS Dauntless;

A Trekker wears a STARFLEET uniform to a convention because its fun
A Trekkie wears a uniform to a convention because s/he has heard that it is in style at the academy.

A Trekker has a STARFLEET Academy window sticker on his car
A Trekkie is cramming for the entrance exams.

A Trekker thinks that it is a shame that the show is coming to an end
A Trekkie thinks that it is a shame that the crew is being reassigned and the Enterprise is being decommissioned.

A Trekker knows that there are gaping holes in the technology, but ignores them and enjoys the show
A Trekkie can’t wait for the price to come down on those home food replicator units.