Taken 2- Neeson and Director clashed over leather jacket

Posted on 3 October 2012
By Camilla McNatty
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Ahead of the UK release of Liam Neeson’s Taken 2 this week, director Oliver Megaton has claimed that the star’s leather jacket was a source of contention when filming the highly anticipated sequel.

He has claimed that Neeson saw his leather jacket as armour and that he had to be persuaded to relinquish it in initial scenes. Director Megaton convinced him that if it was to act as such, it would be most effective as the film progressed and Liam developed into a fighter.

The sequel, which is set for release October 4 sees Neeson reinstating his role as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, who is faced with the families of the victims who were involved in the initial conflict.

Megaton has also claimed that The Grey star was dubious about starring in a sequel of such a successful film, bluntly stating, ‘I think he didn’t want to do it.’

He continued that it was the power of the script and the strong relationship between the pair which eventually persuaded him to undertake the role.

Both director and leading actor were reluctant about watching the original before commencing on the project, preferring to work from memory in the attempt to concentrate on the most memorable aspects of the plot.

Taken 2 is released nationwide on October 4.