Superman celebrates 75 years with a short animated film

Posted on 22 October 2013
By James McAllister
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To celebrate 75 years of Superman, DC Comics have created a short animated video, created by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm, DC Universes animation boss that follows Superman’s impressive career and chronicles his impact on today’s society.

The short two-minute collaboration piece celebrates all things Superman from his camp cartoon-ish beginnings through to his modern day counterpart who concerns himself with the more gritty storylines of The Man of Steel.

The idea was conceived by Zack Snyder who originally wanted to create a short film with a moving point of view and no cuts, “There are a few cuts in there, but for the most part we stuck to that. It’s pretty seamless,” said DC Comics animated Universe boss Bruce Timm. “Zack wanted to get the way Superman impacted the world and pop culture, even outside of comics… People are going to be arguing about it. ‘Why is that in there, but this isn’t? There was just too much stuff, so we tried to put in little nods, even if only in the background.”

The animation references Superman in all his forms from video games and film through to his origins in the pages of comic books, and sets it all to John Williams’s famous score from the 1978 movie, before merging into Hans Zimmer’s score from The Man of Steel.

Starting with his first appearance in Action Comics #1 the video features glimpses of the 1978 Atari 2600 game, Christopher Reeve, The Justice League of America’s first appearance, as well as the famous Death of Superman, to name but a few famous examples.

Die hard fans might also be able to recognise some of the less well know references, such as the robots from the 1941 Fleicher Brothers film The Mechanical Monsters.

The short can be caught on or you can catch is an included extra on the Man of Steel Blu-ray, due for release on November 12th.