Summit confirm final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn will be two films

Posted on 11 June 2010
By Toni Garden
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Perhaps by the time the final Twilight film is released the recession will be over and cinema prices will have fallen leaving the poor Twihards some spare change for Kleenex as they weep goodbye to their favourite vamprance.

Then again…

Summit Entertainment have confirmed that the fourth book in the series will be squeezing every last penny from the franchise and made into two films.

The (feeble) reason they have given is that they want to do the narrative justice and cram as much of Meyer’s 756 page finale in as possible to reward the fans for their loyalty.

Smells like a greedy PR line to us, but where Pattinson and Lautner go, the Twihards will follow.

Summit made sure that the stars were rewarded for their extra work and negotiated generous new contracts to ensure the Holy Twinity were on board and even signed up Oscar winning director Bill Condon to helm the final films.

With the third instalment hitting cinemas less than eight months after the second, it looks to be a long wait for the first of the two parter which wont be released until November 2011, but were sure Twilight fever will still be raging by then.

For your daily fix of Twilight see the latest snippet from Eclipse, apparently your not the only one with an obsession.

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