RoboCop remake official trailer released

Posted on 6 September 2013
By Craig Kell
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The new trailer for the upcoming remake of 80s classic RoboCop has been released showing off the new look Robo and effects.

The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman takes on the lead role of futuristic cop Alex Murphy (previously played by Peter Weller) as he finds himself suffering major burns caused by a car bombing.

Fortunately he is given another chance with the help of scientists and cybernetic designers who rebuild his body and enable him to take on a new identity, RoboCop.

With the use of his new body, the cyborg must try to crack down on the city’s criminals.

RoboCop’s new suit looks a lot like Christopher Nolan’s Batman costume, gone are the shiny chrome colours from the 80s, now replaced by a gothic looking black chest plate and helmet combo.

The new film is expected to upset fans of the original 1987. But there is no denying the exceptional support cast that feature in it including Gary Oldman as the scientist who fixes Murphy, Michael Keaton as RoboCop’s designer and Samuel L Jackson as the villainous Pat Novak.

The RoboCop remake will be released in cinemas on February 7th 2014.