Reel Unknown invite you to hunt their Hidden Picture Show

Posted on 5 March 2012
By Bert Bernstein
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Reel Unknown invite you to enter the hunt for Liverpool’s first secret cinema type event with their Hidden Picture Show.

But you will have to keep keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you to catch the film when it is shown.

The event’s location and the film title will only be disclosed in the run up to the event and film fans will have to follow subtle clues revealed via Twitter and Facebook, opening the debate on which unique adventure ticket holders will discover.

On the 6 and 7 March 2012, Reel Unknown aims to deliver a captivating and immersive experience mixing film and live interactive performances, asking participants to trust their senses and discover a new way to experience cinema.

Co Producer Jasmine Doughty said: “This is a concept that has been explored and established in London but we’re excited to bring it up North.

“Having experienced the London event, we don’t want Liverpool to be deprived any longer.”

Secret Cinema was established in the capital in the mid naughties, gaining it’s mainly yuppie
following through social media and word of mouth.

Similar to Secret Cinema, Reel Unknown aims to target Liverpool’s wide demographic of young arts lovers. But, they also want the city’s thriving student population to take part.

Ruth Meekings, fellow co-producer of Reel Unknown explains: “When we set up Reel Unknown, we wanted to construct an event which mixes one of youth’s great loves, film, with theatre and an affordable price tag.

“We want people to have fun at The Hidden Picture Show and experience something that they might not have done before.”

More information can be found and tickets, costing adults £8 and students and concessions £5, can be purchased through Reel Unknown’s site

Facebook and Twitter are also essential distributors of key information for ticket holders and interested individuals alike.

Clues hinting at the film are given several times a week leading up to the event, whilst information indicating the meeting point and preferable dress code, will be relayed via e-mail to ticket holders a few days before.

Join the hunt!