Quentin Tarantino reveals his early acting inspiration – Beatle Ringo Starr

Posted on 22 March 2010
By Andy Johnson
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Kill Bill creator Quentin Tarantino has revealed an early acting role as a teenager was inspired by listening to press conference tapes of Beatle legend Ringo Starr.

The Pulp Fiction star declared himself an Elvis fan over the Fab Four, but said Ringo is his favourite moptop because of his acting ability.

The writer-director said his first stage role, aged 16, was playing a Brit and he spent hours honing Ringo’s Scouse twang by listening to Beatles interview records.

One of the most memorable soundbites from Pulp Fiction comes at the climax when Sam Jackson proclaims ‘Correctamundo Ringo’ to Tim Roth and is a tribute to the Toxteth-born stickman.

Speaking to Purple Revolver Quentin, 44, said he’s always been a huge fan of Ringo and that the drummer had the best dramatic presence out of the band.

He said: “Now I’m an Elvis over the Beatles man any day of the week, alright.

“But there’s always been something special about Ringo.

“I always thought he had the best stage presence out of the band.

“And when you look at the tapes of the Beatles press conferences – it isn’t John or Paul who are the funny ones – it’s Ringo.

“It all comes through Ringo and his deadpan delivery.

“I think he’s a brilliant actor – he isn’t the star of Help by accident you know.

“Not many people know this about me – but my first acting gig when I was 16, was to play this British dude and they wanted a regional accent.

“So the first thing I laid my hands on was this tape of the Beatles Interviews and I just love the way he talked with the flat vowels.

“I could do a mean Ringo impression back then, but I must admit it always turns into an Australian accent these days.”

Quentin also told of his delight at finding a rare Ringo single from his film Blindman at Hairy Records on Bold Street, in Liverpool, after years of hunting in dusty vinyl dens worldwide.