Quentin Tarantino marches his bloody Basterds to Playboy

Posted on 15 August 2009
By Andy Johnson, Purple Revolver
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Quentin Tarantino has added a new dimension to his long-standing relationship with Playboy as a interview favourite by publishing a graphic novel of Inglourious Basterds in the magazine.

The Kill Bill director will publish a comic version of Basterds in the upcoming September issue of Playboy hand-picked and edited himself.

Tarantino immersed himself in the graphic adaptation, insisting on making personal, handwritten edits on the copy.

Check out the whole thing at www.playboy.com/ib to see yet another example of Tarantino’s creative genius at work.

The artwork for the strip was done by R.M Guera and colored by Giulia Brasco who also collaborate on Vertigo comics’ Scalped.

Tarantino hollering “And I want my (artwork done by the people who do) Scalped” with Lt. Raine’s deep southern drawl.

Inglorious Basterds hits our screens on August 21, 2009. With some advance screenings across the UK this weekend.