Nicolas Cage suing former business manager for leaving him broke

Posted on 22 October 2009
By Pierce King
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Hollywood heavyweight Nicolas Cage has been forced to put his castle in Bath up for sale after a series of ill-informed investments have left him facing ruin.

Nic, who held a charity fundraiser in the Roman town over the weekend is now suing his former business manager for leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy.

Oscar winner Cage, 45, is demanding £12million in damages, claiming the ‘catastrophic’ losses he has suffered were because of Samuel Levin’s dud investment decisions.

The Leaving Las Vegas star has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles accusing Levin of ‘gross mismanagement’ and lining his pockets at the actor’s expense.

Nic gets paid a handsome fee of up to £12million per film – but has put three US mansions and his English castle on the market.

He owes £3.6million in tax and is being sued over a £1.2million credit deal.