Michael Douglas is ‘greedy as Gordon Gekko’

Posted on 26 August 2010
By Pierce King
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Legendary movie badass Michael Douglas has been dubbed ‘greedy as Gordon Gekko’ – the financial meglomaniac he plays in the Wall Street films.

Lawyers for his ex-wife Diandra said the actor, 65, who is battling throat cancer tried everything to escape his responsibilities.

Michael’s portrayal of money-mad Gekko is said to have inspired a generation of whizz kids to work on Wall Street and even the devil may care attitude to bank lending that led to the Credit Crunch.

The divroce lawyers branded Michael a tax cheat and claimed he and wife Catherine Zeta Jones had a £90million fortune.

Diandra is suing in New York for half the cash he will get from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which hits cinemas next month.

In their 2000 divorce deal, she was granted half the proceeds from his work while they were married.

Now she wants 50 per cent from the new movie because it features crooked financier Gekko, from the 1987 original.

Judgment was adjourned.