Marvel premieres new Captain America: Civil War trailer

Posted on 11 March 2016
By Alex Green
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Marvel studios officially released the second trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War yesterday, which is coming to cinemas in the UK April 29th.

The trailer did not differ too much on content from the first trailer which was released just before Christmas as it again explored why The Avengers are suiting up against each other.

The ideologies of damage control and Superhero registration are rife throughout the video as we see The Avengers being held accountable for previous conflicts that all ended with great losses of life, including the Battle of New York in the first Avengers film, Washington DC in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the destruction of Sokovia in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Iron Man explains how he agrees with the government on restricting the Avengers whilst his anger increases as Cap disagrees and continually sides with the Winter Soldier who just so happens to anger both Stark and T’Challa too aka Black Panther.

We see a couple of tense moments between Cap and Iron Man, as well a better look at new hero Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman who appears to be on a personal mission against Bucky (The Winter Soldier.)

After a few fight scenes and teasing glimpses (see Hawkeye shooting Ant-Man on an arrow at Iron Man!), the final battle closes the trailer just before the heroes charge at each other. Just as the logo appears, we hear Tony claim that he’s lost his patience and he shouts ‘Underoos!’ and suddenly a web snatches Cap’s shield from him and Spider-Man lands holding the shield and says hey to everyone.

The Spider-Man was a bit of a shock to most as it wasn’t clear whether Marvel and Sony wanted to share his look this early but clearly they thought it would be a good idea.

Early comments suggest that it has been a popular reveal overall with some fans split over the CGI look to Spider-Man. We do know though that it is in fact Tom Holland in the suit and that only his eyes have been used for CGI, much like Deadpool was for his film.

This has split some fans regarding authenticity but Marvel have really gone for the classic 60s design which really captures Peter Parker’s first look as the Web slinger.

Reports have claimed that Spider-Man will have numerous suits throughout the film, including one designed by Stark himself so as for the CGI argument, all will be made clear once we see an entire performance come the end of April.

The trailer overall has been met with positive reviews as fans gear up for Marvel’s most ambitious film to date.

Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas April 29th.