Mark Ronson pens Arthur soundtrack

Posted on 25 April 2011
By Matt Barden
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Super-producer Mark Ronson has branched out yet again, this time penning the score for Russell Brand’s remake of Arthur.

Talking about the soundtrack the Ooh Wee spinner said, ‘We wrote two or three songs, one with Guy Chambers, one with Eg White, and they liked all three songs and put them all in the film, and I ended up doing the intro too, so it’s cool – especially for my first experience.’

And it seems the Grammy nominee has caught the film scoring bug, ‘I haven’t got any plans to do another film at present, but it’s something I would enjoy doing in the future at some point.’

The remake, which sees Russell Brand reprising Dudley Moore’s iconic role, is in cinemas at the moment.

The Brit funnyman has been branded both a ‘dream and a nightmare’ by Modern Family director, Jason Winer.

‘The part that’s a dream is that as a director you want options, and Russell’s constantly improvising and inventing and because of that, instead of having just one version of a joke in the editing room you have six or seven to choose from,’ He said.

“The nightmare part is that his flights of fancy can be, at least from an editorial perspective, difficult to mould and shape. You have to have a vision of what you want from a given scene so that his wild imagination doesn’t take you off track.”

Catch Brand’s performance in cinemas now.