Mac And Devin Go To High School release date set

Posted on 25 June 2012
By Camilla McNatty
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The new trailer for Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s debut – straight to DVD – film Mac And Devin Go to High School has been unveiled.

It has been six months since the film’s soundtrack was released by the duo, and the new trailer shows Snoop Dogg playing high school stoner Mac, with Khalifa playing straight A student, Devin.

Set in Los Angeles, the two find themselves dependable on each other, for very different reasons. Mac must graduate high school in order to win the affections of his beautiful new teacher, played by Teiarra Mari.

Devin calls on Mac to educate him in an all together opposite way and attempts to cram four years of teenage experience into three weeks of adventure.

The whole film is smoked out with enough weed to sink Amsterdam and the trailer released on twitter via Snoop Dogg was accompanied with instructions to ‘go green on july 3rd uhearme!!’

Following Wiz Khalifa’s Coachella performance which featured the young rapper with a huge spliff to hand, it is hard to imagine him playing a kid who has never smoked in his life.

The film, released July 3rd, also stars comedian Andy Milonakis, Mike Epps and Affion Crockett.