Little Fockers trailer released

Posted on 25 June 2010
By Toni Garden
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The Stiller crew gather once more for the third installment of the Focker/Bruns reunion.

The original idea for Meet the Parents had all the right ingredients for a cringeworthy meeting of the in-laws and proved a massive success at the box office.

An inevitable sequel followed and audiences were meeting the Fockers, a risky title that got the BBFC sweating and critics giving it mixed reviews for cheap puns and crass jokes.

Welcoming some new little Fockers,the third film joins the Fockers family for another get together. De Niro and Stiller go head to head once again and farce ensues.

The trailer suggests the writers haven’t strayed far from their “hillarious” formula of cringe worthy sex jokes, a ridiculously suspicious father in-law and a string of Hollywood names making unnecessary appearances.

This threequel looks good for cheap laughs and hopefully an ending to our relationship with the Fockers.