Legacy with Idris Elba to be premiered at Tribeca

Posted on 8 April 2010
By Pierce King
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Legacy, the latest film from Scottish Bafta-winning producers Black Camel Pictures receives its international premiere on April 27 as part of the Discovery section of the Tribeca Film Festival.

The psychological thriller, about a US black ops soldier who has gone AWOL after an assignment in Eastern Europe went wrong, is the second feature film from young writer-director Thomas Ikimi.

Legacy stars Idris Elba, one of Britain’s most in-demand acting talents. Elba broke through with his portrayal of Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire, and has since established himself in the film world with movies such as American Gangster, RocknRolla and last year’s Obsessed.

Film City Glasgow in Scotland stood in for Brooklyn for the four-week shoot, with exteriors shot in central Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway.

The solid supporting cast also features Clarke Peters (Damages, The Wire) and Eamonn Walker (Cadillac Records, Kings).

Elba said: “The script was phenomenal and halfway through reading it, I was convinced I wanted to do the film.

“The character of Malcolm Gray was not a walk in the park and we spend 90 per cent of the film with Malcolm in a hotel room, watching him deteriorate on screen.

“You watch a character unfold and a personality dissolve, through heartbreak and moments of despair. It was a very complex film for me to make as an actor: I had to stay inside this tortured head through the shoot, and it felt really lonely in that hotel room.”