Jamie-Lynn Sigler emerges from Entourage to shine at Cannes – interview

Posted on 26 May 2011
By Russell Nelson
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Jamie-Lynn Sigler is the actress who played the smart but troubled daughter of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano on the long running and critically acclaimed TV series The Sopranos.

After a decade and 86 episodes the show finally ended. Since then Jamie’s been busy playing herself on Hollywood satire Entourage and guest starring in Ugly Betty.

Purple Revolver caught up with her looking beach beautiful on the red carpet in Cannes. She talks about fashion, glamour and gangsters. You get to read it all, because you’re part of the family….

Q: You’re looking very happy tonight, how’s it going?

“We’ve been going since happy hour so I wanted to go with something easy tonight. I’ve got wedges on and I wanted to go for something a little more comfortable. I really don’t know where the night’s going to take us so I need my outfit to be as comfortable as possible!”

Q: You still look pretty glam, do you have any style tips for this look?

“This is beach hair that’s dirty from yesterday. You just put a little dry shampoo and hairspray in there and you can kind of get away with it. I’ve literally had it up in a bun all day, but thankfully it ended up working out. I use an eliminating tinted moisturiser and it just makes a big difference for everything.”

Q: Are you enjoying Cannes and what does the festival mean to you?

“I don’t speak any French really. I’ve just been saying oui and merci and awful lot. But I’m having a fantastic time. We only got into town yesterday and it’s just so beautiful and so picturesque. It’s amazing because the festival is an event that you’ve read about and followed for so long, so to actually be here is amazing. it’s incredible and it’s just so glamorous.”

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about being here?

“I’ve had the most fantastic cheese and bread. That’s really enough for me, but we’ve definitely been sampling everything we can.”

Q: What brings you to this year’s festival?

“We’re screening a short film that I shot last year called ‘The Trophy Wife’. Our producers are here with us and we’re sort of doing a presentation of it because we’re looking to do a feature length version of it eventually. So we’re celebrating that as well as charity organisation the Art of Elysium* which I’m super involved with. It’s also my birthday Sunday and I’m turning 30 so it’s sort of everything all at once.

* (For those that don’t know The Art of Elysium is an organisation that encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions. To find out more follow the link below –

Q: You were part of such a special show in The Sopranos. Do you ever miss it?

“I mean it still feels very recent you know it was ten years of my life. So it means a lot. But you know we took such long breaks that it almost feels like you could go back at any moment. I miss it very much but I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve sort of taken a step back and kind of taken a break for the past six months. I’ve been working no-stop since I was 16 so I deserve it. I think the show was a once in a lifetime thing and you know I’m very grateful to have been a part of it.”

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of the rest of the cast?

“Yeah I definitely still keep in touch with James and you know I talk to Robert almost every day. So I haven’t completely lost them.”

Thanks Jamie and have a great night.