Jada Pinkett Smith HawthoRNe interview: How I unwind

Posted on 7 April 2011
By Amber Tan
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Movie star Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed how she relaxes off-set from filming high pressure ER drama HawthoRNe.

In the new Sony Entertainment Channel medical drama Jada plays an under fire nursing boss in tough city hospital Richmond Trinity.

The scripts are emotionally charged and often leave Jada drained, but she told Purple Revolver she relaxes by listening to music, yoga and taking to the outdoors with her family.

Wife of Hollywood hunk Will Smith also told how he’s not keen on outdoor pursuits, which pint-sized Jada enjoys mostly with her children Willow and Jaden.

Speaking at an exclusive screening at Sony HQ Jada said: “To relax I love to do a lot of yoga, and be outside following nature pursuits.

“With the kids, I’m often out surfing, hiking and surfboarding. Doing exercise outdoors helps to keep us grounded. I try to get Will out, but he’s not an outdoors kinda guy.”

Jada also told us what music she listens to, describing herself as a ‘ride or die’ East Coast hip hop fan.

She added: “I’m always listening to lots of types of music, of course, I listen to 21st Century Girl (by Willow), Esperanza Spalding, Madonna, Aha – a lot of oldies, but goodies.

“But I’m also a ‘ride or die’ East Coast hip hop head.”

Sony Entertainment launches tonight at 7pm. Tune into channel 157 for the launch night line-up opening with the first episode of serial drama Dawson’s Creek, followed by the UK premiere of Jada’s powerful medical drama at 8pm.

The channel is geared towards women wanting some quality ‘me-time’ and the launch night movie is the indulgent Marie Antoinette at 9pm starring Kirsten Dunst.

The long weekend of movies continues with Click starring Adam Sandler on Friday at 9pm, Random Hearts on Saturday at 9pm, The Russia House on Sunday at 9pm and the thrilling action of The Da Vinci Code on Monday at 9pm.

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