Icon sign up Noel Clarke in golden handcuffs deal

Posted on 6 April 2010
By Toni Garden
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UK film group Icon have signed last year’s BAFTA Orange Rising Star winner Noel Clarke and taken an interest in his production company Unstoppable Entertainment.

Icon will have the option to play financier, distributor and all round sales pitcher on all projects Unstoppable produce.

They will be plunging the cash into future Unstoppable flicks thanks to its US owner, Access Industries.

Looking set to invest up to $10 million per picture and rumoured to be starting with Hood 3 set locally during the London 2012 Olympics and reaching as far as a noir murder mystery set in the not too distant future.

With the big bucks behind his projects, Clarke has said that his aim is to “break new ground” getting the Brit flicks to an international audience as well as entertaining the home-grown fans.

Noel Clarke has come a long way from his days as Mickey, Billie Piper’s wannabe boyfriend in Dr Who.

Proving himself a talented actor and writer, Clarke has penned and stared in the uncompromising Kidulthood and its equally successful follow up Adulthood.

Having negotiated the deal himself with CEO of Icon, Stewart Till this latest show of penmanship see’s Clarke take the leap from underground unknown to being the Gladiator of Brit. Will he survive the Lions den as he attempts to take on the international market? Only time will tell….

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