Guardians of the Galaxy movie – Del Toro plays The Collector like Liberace in space

Posted on 17 November 2013
By Pierce King
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The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is eagerly anticipated and with Benicio Del Toro’s performance of The Collector being described as ‘Liberace in space,’ we’re expecting an extra special film.

Fans were treated to a sneak peak of Benicio Del Toro as The Collector during the mid-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World and a zany, measured performance to boot.

Director James Gunn has revealed that the Che actor has brought something unique to the role and that everybody on the set was memorised by him.

He said: “He’s out there man. Benicio’s the best. We just kept watching him on set and being like ‘Oh my God.’

“He’s probably the character that was the most different from what I imagined. Although I did sort of say he’s like an outer-space Liberace.

“That’s what it says in the script, which he’s kind of doing. He really came in prepared and doing something utterly unique and he’s mesmerizing the whole time he’s in the movie.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 1, 2014.