Godzilla extended trailer released

Posted on 8 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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A new Godzilla trailer has been released which gives us more amazing footage of the movie epic.

The theme of this trailer seems to revolve around the side effects caused by the monster with from the off destruction and extremely dramatic repercussions.

It seems to be following in the footsteps of the novel making the beast seem completely un-worldly and terrifying.

Instead of being shown footage of a larger than life reptile bashing buildings into a pulp and generally being a nuisance, we are shown the repercussions of his actions including a tsunami that washes over the entire city.

We are also given a little bit of character backstory, a heartbreaking story that again, is a backlash of Godzilla’s actions.

Brody, played by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is forced to leave his wife in the nuclear power plant where they both work after there is a meltdown and they must stop the spread of radiation.

This heartbreaking scene sets the emotion for the rest of the trailer, which is met with more destruction.

Although we do not get a full glimpse of Godzilla in this trailer, we do get a harrowing flash of his stature during a lightning flash.

The only physical appearances is that of the beasts tail slowly swinging round as it turns to face the people below it and a quick view of it’s spikey spine in the ocean.

This trailer only ignites more excitement in the films large fan base, going all the way back to the original movie in 1954.

This film promises to be an amazing re-make with amazing action and detail as well as a fantastic cast including Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor Johnson and Bryan Cranston who is undoubtedly one of the best actors on the scene at the moment.

The film will be hitting screens May 16th, but until then you can watch the extended trailer here.