Frozen II to tackle global warming?

Posted on 13 June 2019
By Chiara Costa
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Speculation is growing that Frozen II will tackle the issue of climate change after Disney issued an updated trailer for the film set in a world of WATER.

It has been six years since Elsa, the queen of Arendelle, an icy kingdom in the North, first captivated audiences.

But issuing the new trailer for Frozen II, a Walt Disney Studios tweet said: “The past is not what it seems.”

The two-minute long trailer, channel Watch it here has dark and more mature themes that may even see the film given a PG 13 rating in the USA.

Frozen II will feature a pair of female protagonists, Princess Elsa and her “sister” Anna and some think the two may not be biological sisters – explaining why only Elsa has super-human powers.

In the trailer Elsa is shown running on the sea and battling with huge waves, freezing the surface and clinging to a rock, before entering an underwater fantasy world.

This has seen many fans declare that the movie must deal with the effects of climate change.

One Twiter user @sanguinaria15 said: “Frozen II is about climate change. ‘We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too much for this world, now we must hope they are enough’ – Grandpa Troll is sending Elsa north to refreeze the Arctic. Unsure why there are magic horses but perhaps a metaphor for colonialism.”

Another user @sarruuuhhhhh tweeted: “Elsa is 1000% saving the world from climate change in Frozen II”

Also subject to the Twitter speculation storm is the relationship between the two, or between Elsa and a mysterious new girl, named Aurora.

Some suggest Frozen II may take the progressive themes a step further by giving Elsa a female “love” interest.

After Frozen was released in 2013, the LGBTQ+ community praised the movie, suggesting the tune “Let it go” referred to coming out as lesbian.

But the fact that there are still no black characters in Frozen II is likely to see Disney further accused of the racism and white-washing allegations that where levelled at Frozen.

Kristooff, was an ice gatherer from the indigenous Scandanavia people, the Sámi. But it was pointed out that his blond hair and white skin are not hallmarks of the Sámi identity.

Since Frozen II is no longer set in a Northern realm, like Norway or Greenland, it could pave the way for the introduction of black characters.

But the opportunity seems to have been missed.

Twitter user @YOUTRlPPINYO said “The truth is, if you think frozen was a good Disney movie, you’re probably racist.”

Frozen II is set for UK release on November the 22nd.