Drew Barrymore Whip It bitch fight with Juliette Lewis turned nasty

Posted on 12 November 2009
By Pierce King
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Drew Barrymore has told how she was left writhing in agony on the set of new flick Whip It – after a scene with Juliette Lewis turned nasty.

ET cutey Drew donned her skates alongside Lewis and Ellen Page for the roller derby film, which also marks her directorial debut.

But the 34-year-old ended up nursing a painful leg injury when she took a tumble during a wrestle with Natural Born Killer Juliette.

She said: “In one scene I wrestle Juliette Lewis during a roller derby.

“Her skate and both our body weights were on my thigh, so I ended up with a bruise a foot long and a foot wide.

“But there’s nothing hotter than a girl fight and its gonna look great on film.”