Dark Shadows movie – Tim Burton loves to torture Johnny Depp

Posted on 18 May 2012
By Pierce King
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Dark Shadows star Johnny Depp has told how Tim Burton takes great pleasure in ‘torturing’ him on set and always steps up to smother him in all manner of foul concoctions.

The gothic duo have formed a long-lasting Hollywood partnership – with the out-of-time vampire romance Dark Shadows being their eighth cinematic collaboration.

Edward Scissorhands star Johnny says that Tim enjoys picking on him and insists on being the one to squirt him with blood and slime – because he’s ‘the best shot.’

Johnny said: “He’s lying about being the best shot. We always do several takes, Tim likes to torture me.

“In Sleepy Hollow, when I get blood squirted in my eye, that was Tim.

“The horrible green spew, green vomit on Dark Shadows – also Tim, covered in protective clothing and trash bags, shooting me in the face with this green slime.

“It’s always been him, off camera doing that, it makes him laugh.”

Dark Shadows is in cinemas now.