Dame Helen Mirren blasts Americans tea making skills

Posted on 24 April 2011
By Pierce King
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Dame Helen Mirren, currently starring opposite Russell Brand in the remake of Arthur has spoken out
against Americans strange ideas for tea making.

Despite marrying an American and being adopted by Hollywood royalty since her Oscar-winning performance in The Queen, Helen says she misses Blighty for the tea whilst filming in the US.

Dame Helen says she is constantly at odds with our cousins across the pond for serving her a cup of lukewarm water with the tea bag on the side.

Speaking on St George’s Day the actress said: “Americans just have no idea about how to make tea.

“You have to teach them all the time.

“They always put the teabag on the side of a cup of lukewarm water.”

Tea-making has long been an issue for Dame Helen. During the shooting of the gangster film The Long Good Friday, she protested about a scene in which her character laid out the clothes for her husband. “I’ve never even made a cup of tea for a man in my life,” she declared.