Al Pacino’s ‘little friend’ in Scarface up for auction

Posted on 4 September 2010
By Pierce King
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You can say hello to Al Pacino’s ‘little friend,’ the machine gun from the 1983 film Scarface, if you can raise the £100,000 it is expected to fetch at auction.

The famous method actor, who played Tony Montana in the gangster classic insisted his weapon was the correct weight – so he used a real M-16A1 machine gun.

In the film, he said the line “say hello to my little friend” before killing four rivals with it.

At the time the weapon was a live firing fully automatic machine gun with grenade launcher. It was also wielded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film Predator.

But following Brandon Lee’s death after being shot by a live round fired from a pistol on set in 1993, the US banned automatic weapons in filming.

As a result Pacino’s weapon was retired and was privately bought from the props company that owned it by collector Kevin Martin 12 years ago.

It has since been recast and made perfectly safe and is now coming up on general sale for the first time.

The sale is being held by RM Auctions in Indiana. A spokesman for RM Auctions said: “The gun comes with letter of authenticity from the weapons co-ordinator on Scarface.

“It is one of the most recognisable props in film history, certainly the most recognisable gun in film history with its very own often imitated catchphrase.”