Wonder Woman – DC finally get it right

Posted on 11 June 2017
By Roisin Gordon
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The DC Extended Universe hasn’t gotten off to the best start especially after failing with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad last year, but along came Wonder Woman which has not only set a new standard for future DC films but also female superhero solo films.

The story follows Diana (Gal Gadot, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice) a Princess of the Amazons living on an all-female populated island called Themysceria and is a trained warrior at the hands of her aunt General Antiope (Robin Wright, House of Cards).

When she discovers Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, Star Trek Beyond) a pilot who has crashed on the island and tells them of the war that’s happening in the world, Diana vows to help fight alongside him as well as take down General Ludendorff (Danny Huston, TV’s American Horror Story) and Isabel Maru (Elena Anaya) who are creating a deadly gas to be used by the German Army.

Director, Patty Jenkins may have only had one other feature film under her belt but she managed to do the iconic character justice that gives us a strong female lead but in addition to that she made sure that the male soldiers she fights alongside are not seen as lesser than her but rather as an equal on the battlefield. She gave us a story that will keep you interested, characters that you will enjoy to watch on their journey and impressive visuals and action sequences.

The production design is incredible showing us two visually stunning yet contrasting worlds from the idyllic and vivid island of Themysceria to the bleak and depressed wartime era of London. They also used this to their advantage when they told the story of Zeus and Ares where the visuals they use are so beautiful that it’s a work of art.

The battle sequences are beautifully choreographed and action packed that make good use of slow motion moments with the most memorable scene being where Diana crosses No Man’s Land despite being told it’s too dangerous she doesn’t let that stop her from standing against the war and being told what can’t be done so she uses her training and shield to fight back against the enemy. It is sure to go down as an iconic scene in the history of superhero films and the musical score from Rupert Gregson-Williams was a standout and added a little more to how badass it was.

Gal Gadot shined as the titular character, she is fearless, strong and intelligent and in an era where it was men who fought in the battle and made the decisions, Diana doesn’t take no for an answer and is determined to fight in the war alongside the other soldiers. She holds such a strong presence when she’s on screen and will definitely be a hero that people will look up to from now on.

Chris Pine also did a great job as the leading man who is a strong and charming hero and respects Diana’s decision to fight in the war, although there is great chemistry between him and Gadot the romance between them does feel a little forced but it is played out very well that it doesn’t become cliched.

Whilst it is a very action packed film, they do manage to feature some spot on comic relief from Lucy Davis as Etta Candy who provided the more light-hearted moments in the film and could have stolen the show if she had more scenes.

Wonder Woman has gotten DC on the right track and if the future films can stay at the same standard then there is hope for the franchise.