Top iconic films

Posted on 26 August 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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With approximately 50,000 films being produced each year,there are only a few that manage to make a return on their investment. And even less of these manage to live beyond the highly-limited shelf-life that modern media allows.

Whereas certain films use the latest special effects only to look quickly outdated a few years later, other films manage to transcend their origins and become highly iconic works of art.

The Dark Knight

Whether it was due to the unfortunate passing of Heath Ledger
, or merely the skill of director Christopher Nolan, one thing is clear and that is that The Dark Knight has managed to be elevated into a much higher realm of appreciation than most modern blockbusters.

Since its release in 2008, The Dark Knight
has seen many copycat films that have been based on comic-book characters but still try and recreate the dark noir attributes that this film so successfully achieves.

The Dark Knight has also seen its legacy continued in a range of computer games and consoles, as well as through sites like Mr Smith Casino that feature a game based upon the caped crusader alongside a range of other slot games where the player can win big prizes in hundreds of different ways.

And although the film may have been based upon comic book characters, it is one of a range of films that have successfully reached an audience far beyond the confines of such a niche market.

Star Wars

When Star Wars was released in 1977, few would have predicted what a massive impact it would have upon the world’s cinema audiences. The director George Lucas had gained acclaim for his work on American Graffiti, but the realm of science-fiction was still relatively unchartered waters for the conservative Hollywood system.

But with the film quickly becoming a global phenomenon thanks to its limitless imagination and sense of wonder, it set the trend for many other science-fiction films to follow.

And with the latest installment of this epic series expected to be the first $3 billion movie
, it looks like Star Wars has set an unparalleled legacy.

Wizard of Oz

And once more, another film that was thought to be aimed primarily at children is considered to be one of the most iconic films of all-time.

Whether it’s because we see such films at an impressionable age, or whether it’s because children’s films offer a greater scope for the imagination is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure, the Wizard of Oz
leaves an indelible impression upon all who see it.

Although it was released in 1939, the film still somehow seems modern with its memorable songs, brave use of Technicolor and psychedelic cast of characters. And with Eddie Redmayne set to star in a forthcoming biopic about the Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum
, it’s a testament to the enduring impression that this iconic film has made upon audiences.