The Walking Dead Season 4 ends on underwhelming cliffhanger (spoilers)

Posted on 1 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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The Walking Dead season 4 finale aired last night and the fan reaction was divided, with some feeling let down by the episode.

The title of the episode was ‘A’, which doesn’t give anything away about what to expect from the plot.

We are first greeted with a flashback to the prison where Rick has returned from a hunt. Hershel is still alive in these flashbacks and makes two more appearances, once even persuading Rick to bring in the ferrel pigs from the forest which may have been a hint of blame as to where the infection came from that spread through the prison.

The plot of this episode mainly revolves around Rick, Carl and Michonne making their way to Terminus.

On one night of their journey they are found by Joe and his group of men seeking revenge for a friend that was strangled by Rick a couple of episodes ago.

Daryl intervenes when he recognises Rick, offering himself as a replacement which only angers Joe and leads to the best fight scene of the season.

Joe and his men are brutally killed and Daryl rejoins Rick on their route to Terminus.

Without giving too much away, Rick and co are put into a spot of bother when they reach Terminus after Rick notices several belongings of some of the other members of his group being used by other people in the ‘sanctuary.’

This angers members of Terminus who seem to sheep the group into a train cart named ‘A’ where they find Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Eugene, Abraham, Rosita, and Sasha.

The last words that Rick says before the episode ends are “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” which is a tribute to the comic book series.

Fans of the show are expressing their joy with the fight scene between Rick and Joe but feel a little let down by the less than exciting cliff hanger.

Although no major characters were killed, we are still left wondering about the whereabouts of Beth as well as Carol, Tyrese and Judith.

The trailer and possible premiere date for season five are rumoured to be released at San Diego’s Comicon later this year and filming to start within the next few months.