The Equaliser: Denzel Washington & Chloe Moretz star in this cool, action packed movie

Posted on 7 June 2015
By Becky Hayes
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I watched 2014 film The Equalizer this week, and honestly had a few mixed-views about it.

For starters, I found that the story took quite a while to take off. We watch as Denzel Washington’s character, Robert McCall, goes about his day to day life working a normal 9-5 job. His co-workers joke about what his previous job could have been, but never seem to get it right.

Every night at 2am when McCall can’t sleep he goes to a small diner. It’s there one night he meets and befriends a young woman called Alina (portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz). Alina has a clear love for music and wants to peruse it, but has been forced into prostitution by the Russian mob and is living a miserable life.

Over the next couple of days the two begin to have more conversations about their lives and you can tell that McCall is saddened by her situation and story.

Without wanting to reveal too much about the movie, I’ll just say it’s clear that McCall doesn’t like Alina’s situation and decides to fix it himself, drawing on a wide set of skills from his mysterious past job.

I found that a lot of the fighting and action scenes in the movie were extremely bloody and gruesome. Personally that wasn’t my cup of tea. Call me old-fashioned, but I like a hero who has morals and doesn’t seem to ‘enjoy’ his kills.

Denzel Washington’s character had no problem with thinking up some pretty creative ways to make the bad guys pay. The end of the film takes place in a DIY shop and wow – it turns out there’s a lot of nasty ways to get hurt in a DIY shop!

Overall I would say this film is worth a watch, though I probably wouldn’t take the time to watch it a
second time.