The best casino movies to catch up on over the lockdown weekends

Posted on 7 June 2020
By Carlton Whitfield
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Weekends are to curl up in a warm blanket, read a good book or binge-watch your favourite shows and movies. And while there are so many movies and books that you can catch up with, the article that we have brought to you today, focuses on the best casino movies that could pique your interest.

Casinos and gambling have always inspired quite some awe in the minds of the audience, which make them a fantastic motif to be dealt with in movies.

There is mystery, there is glamor and the razzmatazz required to light up the silver screen.
Among a hoard of themes that remain constant in the realm of screenplays, casinos and gambling are one of them.

Therefore, we shall now begin enlisting all the movies that explore the themes of casino and gambling without Gamstop in the UK and worldwide, and leave it to you to choose the ones (or all) that you want to include in your weekend bingeing list.

Casino Royale:

Directed by Martin Campbell and released in the year 2006, Casino Royale is that one movie that has the theme of gambling playing a pivotal role in setting the course of events in the movie. And if you needed more reasons to watch the movie, it has the very talented Daniel Craig as James Bond in it. That should be reason enough to give this movie a try.

Casinos have such a larger than life appearance in the movie that by the time the film concludes, you will have picked up quite a few lessons on how to play poker like a pro, and might want to try your skills in online gambling in Nevada or any other gambling website.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

The reason why this movie is different than all those gambling movies that centre in and around Las Vegas is that it does not portray Vegas as a glamorous city where one could indulge in some bacchanalian gambling pursuits. The movie sees Johnny Depp as a sports beat journalist who visits Vegas, does some drugs along with his lawyer friend and looks for a sports event to cover in the city. But what he instead encounters is a series of deranged and dangerous criminals, and their activities in this life-altering hell of a ride.


When the name of the movie itself is Casino, you know at once that there is a lot of gambling to watch out for. This movie is directed by the Oscar-winning director, Martin Scorsese, who brought into the mainstream the glitz and glam of Vegas. The movie follows Robert De Niro encompassing the role of Ace, who happens to be an ex-gangster. Things take a turn when his old friend comes to him seeking help, and since then, we are introduced to a series of events that determine the fate of the characters in the movie.

Ocean’s Eleven:

A discussion on movies revolving around casinos shall make no sense if we do not include the classic and a favourite of many film buffs, Ocean’s Eleven. The movie has a stellar cast with Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, putting on their best performances.

And what makes the film a refreshing affair is its scattered references to comics, an idea that has not been much explored by other movies of the same genre. Ocean’s Eleven must make it to your weekend bingeing list if you want some adrenaline pumping through your veins with some solid gambling acts to watch out for. Watch the movie not just for the cast, but also the action-packed sequences that will leave you satiated by the end of the film.

The Hangover:

We have included some of the classic casino movies, packed with thrill of the chase and some great gambling hacks. And now it is time to include this one last film that is one of the best casino comedies ever. The Hangover is a franchise that has been loved by many around the world, and that is why it is mandatory to mention it in the list of the best casino movies, even if the movie is not a suspense thriller or involves a high-end crime scene.


The casino has a world of charm associated with them, and that is exactly what makes it a popular theme to be explored in movie franchises and television content. There are several other movies that could have been included in the list. But these are our picks for the day. Feel free to do your research and keep adding on to the list. The casino is a broad theme, and quite a popular one at that. There is a hoard of movies that have been made since a very, very long time on the same theme, and you might as well catch up on a few.