(Spoiler warning) Avengers: Endgame – An epic and poignant end to the Infinity Saga

Posted on 9 May 2019
By Roisin Gordon
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The epic battle we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After 22 films, The Infinity Saga finally reaches its climax, as we see the remaining Avengers go all out to avenge the fallen and defeat Thanos once and for all.

Seeing as there has been so much secrecy surrounding this film, this review will have a few minor spoilers so be warned before you read ahead.

The Russo Brothers did a spectacular job of living up to the expectation of Infinity War, that it left you wondering, how are they going to top that?

Fortunately for us they did, as they pulled out all the stops to deliver an epic thrillride from start to finish. It will have you laughing, cheering and crying throughout its astounding three hour runtime, as we are gifted with one of the most spectacular blockbusters to date.

They retain the charm and humor that hardcore fans have come to know and love from these films, but also gave us some really emotional moments as it became the end of an era for some of our heroes.

The film picks up where Infinity War left off, as we see the Avengers coming to terms with the loss of their fellow team members, whilst also trying to come up with a battle plan that will give them a chance to retrieve the infinity stones and reverse Thanos’ actions.

Whilst many of the remaining Avengers are on board with the plan, we see that other such as Iron Man and Thor are so hurt by their losses that they are reluctant to return.

Robert Downey Jr has always done a fantastic job at playing the quick-witted and self-absorbed side to Tony Stark, but following the snap we see a much softer side to him as he puts his focus and energy into raising his daughter with Pepper Potts.

The scenes between him and his daughter are really sweet, as it also goes to show how much he misses Peter Parker and how much he truly cared for him.

Many of us were left wondering the whereabouts of Hawkeye during the events of Infinity War, but here we get an insight as to what happened to him, resulting in a brief yet interesting story arc.

After losing his family to the snap, we see him become a ruthless and vengeful assassin as he takes his pain out on his victims before he is convinced to rejoin his fellow Avengers.

Whilst it only plays a brief part in the film, it was great to see Hawkeye be given this type of story considering he has often felt underused in the MCU and see a darker and troubled side to him.

The MCU has really helped to redefine the superhero genre over the last decade, and a lot of that is down to the fantastic ensemble cast they have created over the years. You form such a connection with these characters throughout the films, that even when you know that time is up for some of them, you genuinely don’t want to see any of them go.

Some of the newer players in the MCU take a bit of a back seat, compared to the veterans which is understandable seeing as it started with them and now they are set to finish the fight, but it would have been nice to see them get a little more screen time.

The climactic battle is on such a grand scale unlike you’ve ever seen before, making it difficult for any future film to top this. The action is so fast-paced and intense that it keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes sure that each character gets their chance to shine in battle.

One of the main highlights saw the women of Marvel join forces as they battle Thanos, showing to be not only a thrilling and action-packed moment, but also how many badass women the MCU has blessed us with over the years.

Endgame serves as a brilliant ending to the Infinity Saga, yet keeps you excited for future instalments in the MCU.

Purple Revolver Rating: 5/5- An Epic Showdown